General Terms and Conditions

From 2022-06-01, the terms of service for Vinden will be updated for all users. The new conditions will apply directly to all users who have registered from 2022-04-15. Old terms can be read here:

These General Terms and Conditions apply to Our Services together with the information You provide and approve when You book a delivery or pick up from Us. As is evident from Our terms, we sometime use words with an initial capital letter. Regardless of where in the Agreement these words are used, they have the following meanings.  

  • “General Terms and Conditions” = these general terms and conditions. 
  • ”App” = Vinden’s mobile application.
  • ”Agreement” = our General Terms and Conditions together with the Assignment Agreement.
  • “Forbidden Goods” = Goods that (a) are dangerous: e.g. liquids, gas bottles, firearms, ammunition or goods that otherwise are dangerous or harmful (explosive, hazardous in terms of fire, the environment or health) (b) are particularly valuable: jewellery, cash, antiques, expensive art, securities or otherwise have a high value (c) are unclean: contaminated material or material that can cause vermin, emit odours or smoke (d) require a controlled environment such as e.g. foodstuffs (e) are living such as plants or animals or contain dead organisms (such as dead animals) and (f) are illegal: such as narcotics, stolen goods, goods that are prohibited under law or require special permits. 
  • “Due Date” = the date on which rent or other compensation is to be paid to Us. 
  • “Goods” = the things that You have packed for storage with Us. 
  • ”Website” =
  • “Box” = a box that will withstand being stacked, tipped and transported on a trolley.
  • “Customer”, ”You” or ”Yours” = the individual or the company that uses the Service. 
  • “Service” or “Services” = transport, assignment, storage and sale of goods. 
  • “Transport Instructions” = the instructions You give to us as to where and when the Goods are to be transported. 
  • ”Assignment Agreement” = the information that You provide and approve when You book a delivery from Us. 
  • ”Vinden” ”Us” or ”We” = means Vinden AB corporate registration number: 559116-2424 and companies directly or indirectly controlled by Vinden AB corporate registration number: 559116-2424.

When we collect your things

To ensure the smooth collection and delivery of Goods to You, there are certain demands we make on you as Customer. You must provide information that You deem, or should deem, to be material for the execution of the assignment. This may, for example, be information about the extent of Your things such as their weight; whether access to Your place is limited; whether there is an elevator and in such case its weight limits; whether the Goods contain particularly heavy objects such as a piano or large furniture that can cause personal injury, or if they contain particularly valuable /fragile objects. If the Goods contain loose items, we may pack these into a Box. The Box will then be registered as Goods with Us. 


When the Goods are transported, you need to complete certain steps in the App or on the Website. We call these tasks “Transport Instructions”. Your responsibility, either yourself or via an agent, is to be present when We pick up and deliver the Goods; to state the correct information regarding things to be picked up and to confirm that You have received/delivered the Goods when We deliver or pick them up. If we cannot complete the assignment because of incorrect or incomplete information, or because You/Your agent are not present, you may be liable to compensate us for the costs incurred as a result of this.  When You have received the Goods, it is important for us that You examine them, and check that nothing has been damaged. If the Goods are damaged and this is due to Us, we may compensate You. See additionally under the heading “Insurance and Liability.    

Storage of the Goods

You may not store Forbidden Goods with Us. If We suspect that Goods contain Forbidden Goods, we may open the Goods. If the Goods contain Forbidden Goods, we will dispose of, or remove, these at Your expense. If they have caused or cause damage, we will hold You liable for the damage.  

Insurance and Liability

You must compensate us for the damage and the costs that arise if You breach the Agreement. If, for example, we incur extra costs as a result of an unsuccessful pick up; the Goods being incorrectly packed when You have opted yourself to be responsible for packing; the Goods containing Forbidden Goods; Our being unable to deliver the Goods; or of a card payment being declined, we may charge You extra for Our costs or for the non-payment. 

All Goods must be packed in a professional manner. Contact Vinden for advice on how to pack or if you need to buy packaging. For Goods that are not packed in a professional manner, extra costs are payable for the time it takes Us to pack the Goods, and for our handling and/or packing. 

We are liable to compensate You for damage that occurs to property other than the Goods during execution of the assignment if it affects a consumer or someone in their household, if We cannot show that the damage was not caused by neglect on Our part.   

You should take out insurance on the objects that covers such damage to the Goods that Vinden is not liable to compensate you for. Customers with particularly valuable Goods is recommended to complement the protection of their Goods through an own insurance during transportation and/or storage.

In storage, Your things are insured through our property insurance underwritten by Berkley. To ensure that we have the correct value of Your Goods, You must inform us if you wish to store property with Us that has a value in excess of SEK 25 000.

During transportation your Goods are insured through our group insurance underwritten by Berkley ( The insurance amount per transport is limited to SEK 25 000.

In case of damage, You should notify Vinden as soon as you discover the damage. To notify Vinden about the damage, firstly fill in Berkleys claims form that is available on Vindens web page, and then email it to together with a description of your claim. If you have any questions contact Vinden at

Vinden handles your Goods with care. However, Vinden does not test the functionality of the Goods and cannot, therefore, be held liable if the Goods do not work (e.g., electronics or other Goods with moving parts) when we receive or deliver them. If You discover that Goods are not working when You get these back from Vinden, and there is no new visible damage, We cannot therefore pay any compensation for this. 

Term of Agreement and Rent

When all Goods have been returned to You or delivered in accordance with Your Transport Instructions, the Agreement ceases to be in force. 

Rent must be paid monthly in advance and applies one calendar month at a time. For the first month You pay for a whole month. Payment terms are 15 days. If you are more than 30 days late after the Due Date in paying rent or other compensation to Us or if You breach the terms of the Agreement, we may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect. Statutory penalty interest is payable in the event of late payment.

Changes to the Agreement

We are entitled unilaterally to change the terms of the Agreement, including rent and other compensation. When We do this, the new terms apply from the day that falls 45 days after We have  (a) informed You in writing of the new rent or compensation or (b) after we have provided notification of other changes on the App or Website. If You do not accept a change, you are entitled to terminate the Agreement. The Agreement ceases when We have delivered the Goods in accordance with your Transport Instructions. Until we have received the Transport Instructions, the new Rent and/or the new terms apply. 

We may assign our rights and obligations under the Agreement to another company in the Vinden group of companies without Your approval.

Website and App 

We strive to ensure that all information on the Website and the App is correct and updated. We cannot, however, guarantee that this is the case at any given time. We accept no liability if You incur loss because You have read something on the Website or App and acted on the basis of this, provided the information in question is not included in the Agreement. 

Force Majeure

We accept no liability for obligations to You that we do not fulfil under the Agreement due to circumstances beyond Our reasonable control, for example: flood, fire, strike or other labour conflict, accident, war, riot, an act of a public authority, national regulation, interruption to energy supply, transport or delivery, or delay or failure of suppliers and sub-suppliers to perform obligations.  

Liens and right to dispose of or sell the Goods

Vinden has a lien over the Goods that our under Our control. The lien applies to Our claims in respect of You. If You do not pay rent or other compensation to which We are entitled, we have the right to sell or dispose of the Goods. Before We do this, We will inform You in writing. If, despite this, You have not, within 20 days of us writing to You at the address You provided Us under the point “Notices”, paid for and fetched the Goods and we as a consequence of this dispose of, or sell, the Goods, we will require You to compensate us for the costs that we cannot cover with the money with have received through the sale.  


Some of Our Services are carried out by sub-suppliers. Our liability for these sub-suppliers to You is the same that We have to You with an upper limit in accordance with “Insurance and Liability”.  

To ensure  that You receive the best possible customer experience, we make demands on our sub-suppliers to carry out their assignment in a workmanlike manner and that they handle Your Goods with due care. 


All notices to Us from You must be made by e-mail to Notices to You from Us will be sent to the e-mail address You provided in the App. It is Your responsibility to inform Us of a change of address. We deem that You have received a notice from Us the day after we sent the e-mail to You. 

Personal Data

Use of the Service involved the processing of personal data for various purposes. Vinden is the personal data controller for all processing of personal data that Vinden, or another party on the instructions of Vinden, carries out within the framework of the Services. Personal data is information that directly or indirectly can refer to a natural person, for example name and address.  

Contact details for Vinden are to be found at the end of this paragraph. 

Vinden processes Your personal data for its legitimate interest of providing the Service. Vinden processes the following.   

(i) Contact information such as name, e-mail, telephone number, address and personal ID number. These are used to create an account with Vinden and in the case of any rental or sale of Goods. 

(ii) Payment details such as a charge card or credit card particulars or account number for payment. These are used to be able to receive payment for storage, transport, rental or sale of Goods or to be able to make a payment to You. 

(iii) Geographic position such as coordinates. This is used to be able to show where the Goods are including an address related to the Goods. 

(iv) Detailed order log including receipts and times for pick up and delivery amongst other things. This is used to present Your log regarding Your Goods and to calculate storage times, response frequencies and response times.   

(v) Web browser information. E.g type of web browser and version, pages you visited, and your IP address and how you linked to Vinden. The IP address can be used to acquire location information and e.g., is used by third parties to prevent abuse when an account is created with Vinden or when card information is saved by a supplier of payment services. 

(vi) User information. This may be used to compile, process and analyse the information that we have described above to administer Your account with Vinden; to market Vinden and Vinden’s services, partners’ products and services; to analyse Your use of the Service; to ensure the technical functionality of the Service; to fulfil obligations under law or regulations; and to improve the service.  

You are entitled, at no cost, to receive information and an extract from the register of the processing of personal data that Vinden carries out in respect of You. You are also entitled to request correction, deletion or blocking of personal data that is incorrect. 

We share Your Personal Data with the following. 

(i) The police in the investigation of crime. .

(ii) Stripe Inc, Fortnox AB or such supplier that from time to time replaces these for the handling of payment information, account management, invoicing and other financial functions. 

(iii) Länsförsäkringar and Holmia Livförsäkring AB or such supplier that from time to time replaces these for the insurance of Goods. 

(iv) Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services and Heroku Inc or such supplier that from time to time replaces these for handling of IT services such as operation and hosting of server environments for a secure IT environment.

(v) Intercom Inc, Telavox AB or such supplier that from time to time replaces these for the handling of customer support, communication solutions, product analysis and matter-management systems. 

(vi) Twilio Inc, Sinch AB or such supplier that from time to time replaces these for the handling of communication via e-mail or SMS text messages or other technology for communication such as booking confirmations and welcome letters and newsletters. 

(vii) The Swedish Tax Agency or such supplier that from time to time replaces it for the validation and verification of information that users provide to us. 

(viii) IT consultants that we engage from time to time for service, advice and development of our systems. 

In the event we transfer Your data to another company external to Vinden that processes Your personal data on Our instructions in the capacity of personal data processer, we have a Data Processing Agreement in place with strict instructions on the processing of personal data, confidentiality, and security.  

If you have questions or complaints regarding how we handle your personal data, please contact: 


Telephone: +46 10 405 40 00

Address: Vinden AB, Garpebodavägen 4, 196 37, Kungsängen, Sweden

To use the Service, you must provide certain information to us about You. We must, for example, know Your name and Your address. All information You provide will be treated confidentially. We will not disclose any information to a company other than one with which we cooperate and that needs the information to carry out the Service. Nor will we use Your information in marketing other than that we may contact You. If you would like information about the data we have about You, if You want is to change or remove certain data, you can contact the person listed as  “Personal Data Controller”  on Our website and we will arrange this.  

You are responsible for Your username and Your password being kept confidential. Contact us if You believe an unauthorised person has acquired knowledge of these. 

Disputes and Valuation

If we cannot agree on the value of damage that we have undertaken to compensate You for, we may refer the matter to an inspector or valuer nominated by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. We will then compensate You with the amount that is set out on the valuation report. If You do not accept the amount or if another dispute arises between us that we cannot resolve, it will be determined by a Swedish court of law by applying Swedish law.  


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