A modern storage solution

We pick up and store. You manage your storage digitally and only pay for the space you use, instead of renting a self-storage room.

Vinden takes care of everything

We pick up what you want to store from your home. You don't have to rent a trailer, carry heavy things and can focus on other things in life.
Your things are safely stored and insured in our heated and guarded storage facilities.
Easily order your items back when you need them. Order and get your items delivered in 2 business days.

Self-Storage in your phone

Order pick-up and storage directly in the app. Here you also have images of what you store and you can quickly order delivery of what you need.


Store anything from a box to an entire storage space

At Vinden, you only pay for the space you actually use. Of course, you can have individual items delivered. You can even sell/donate things you no longer want to keep.

Smart storage

Store your entire home

Between apartments or renovating? We make sure that your entire home is stored until you need it again. You can of course order individual items in the meantime.

Entire home

What do you need to store?

Frequently Asked Questions


Your items are stored in our guarded warehouses, where only Vinden employees have acess.


Our warehouses are climate controlled, ensuring your items are safelly stored.


Your items are insured from the moment we pick them up, untill they are returned.

We are a phone call away

It's as easy to get in touch with us as it is easy to manage your storage digitally.

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